Your online absence manager.
Without template. 
Without Excel.

Very simple. Always & Everywhere available.

Your employees' digital vacation requests can be processed within seconds. You can track their status at any time and will be informed of any changes.
You always have an overview of who is absent at the time of planning.


✔︎ No payment data required

On all devices

Your leave management, always & from everywhere available.

Keep the overview

Via your admin dashboard you can immediately see who is on vacation and which applications are still open.

Personalized vacation planner

Create your own absence categories (illness, vacation, training).

Manage vacation requests easily online

The automated vacation plan for your company

Simple vacation administration: Employees simply submit a vacation request via their own access to the vacation planner, which you can then confirm or reject as administrator.

Less paperwork

Your employees can use their own access to create leave requests themselves online. No need for pen and paper.

Approve vacation requests per click

Confirm the absence requests of your employees in a few seconds and completely unbureaucratic.

Smart notifications

You will be notified with each new application. Your employees will also be informed about the status of their leave requests by e-mail.

The vacation planner who thinks along

The preparatory help for your shift planning

Work shifts are already in place during the period of your employees' absences? When you confirm the request, they are automatically removed from the weekly schedule. So your shift planning always remains accurate and you can plan ahead in a relaxed manner.

Shift schedules automatically adjusted

During absences, employees are automatically removed from the roster.

Special days

Define your own holidays or import the public holidays in a few clicks.


Download your employees' absences as a calendar view in PDF format and for evaluations as CSV or Excel.

Create your absence planning now, online & test it 14 days long for free

No automatic renewal. Support during setup.


✔︎ No payment data required

Your vacation planner app

Even more than just an absence planner

Everything you need in one place. 
Included or optional in our Staffomatic plans.

Shift planner

Manage the rosters of your employees automatically and simplify your shift planning.

Time recording at the push of a button

Track the exact working hours of your employees and simplify the payroll process.

We are at your side 

You have questions? You would like a demo? Contact us via the chat, write via the form 

GDPR conform

The servers are located at our GDPR compliant partner in Germany.

Free Updates

The vacation planner is updated regularly. No further installation necessary.

Free Support

We are always at your side with our integrated chat support.

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