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14 Skills Every Team Leader Should Have

Do you have them all? Leading a team is not easy at all. Therefore a leader has to show off a variety of characteristics and skills to make people follow him.

Carolin Henkelmann

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7 Ways to Improve Employees Productivity

Motivation isn't only about the employees themselves. It's mostly about the employer who creates a comfortable working environment. Here are just some ways you can motivate your staff to be productive members of your team.

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The Pros and Cons of going remote

Going remote has a lot of advantages for both - employers and employees. But there are also issues that are difficult to overcome. Is remote work something for your business? Find out with our pros and cons.

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10 Tips to improve your restaurant management

It is a really hard job to complete all tasks that appear in the daily business of restaurants. Here are some tips and references in all fields of your job that should be considered.

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6 Tips for Easy Vacation Management

Vacation is the key to a comfortable work environment. Employees who are not taking breaks from work tend to be stressed out and the quality of work suffers. Discover 6 ways you can improve you firm vacation management!

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5 Reasons Online Shift Planning Makes Life Easier for Your Employees

An online rota keeps more advantages for your staff members than you might think of. Here is why our rota online tool is not only useful for employers

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18 Questions to Ask Potential Staff Members When Hiring

Employees are the most important part of a company. That’s why they should be chosen very carefully. Asking the right questions is fundamental when it comes to seeing what kind of persons your candidates are![...]

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5 Tips How to Save Money in Restaurants

Nearly as important as making money is losing less money in wrong investments. Here is our list of little savings for your restaurant that can be better spent instead:

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