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10 Tips to improve your restaurant management

Carolin Henkelmann

It is a really hard job to complete all tasks that appear in the daily business of a restaurant. Here are some tips and references that you should consider:

1. The customer is always right

It is the golden rule. Even if you don't agree with the complaints of a customer - be polite and do everything possible to make him / her feel comfortable. You need each and every customer to come back to your restaurant and speak well about your business. That’s how it works.

2. Learn to delegate

You can't do everything that's why you have your employees. It is important to delegate because it gives you the opportunity to focus on bigger issues that have to be solved. Start with smaller tasks and pass them on to your employees that you know can get the job done. By the way: this also prepares them to take more responsibility in the future.

3. Automate where you can

There are so many useful technical tools that can help you manage your restaurant. For example automatic coffee machines. But also in management - ever tried an online shift planner? It has never been this easy and time saving to make all your employees happy.

4. Show a positive attitude

Your mood affects your staff and therefore your guests. Work on keeping a positive attitude at all times. It really helps to give your customers a great dining experience which will guarantee a coming back to your restaurant.

5. Create a community atmosphere

...for your staff but also for your customers. A community atmosphere is inviting especially to younger people who see eating out as a social event. Besides, bigger groups eat more food which means more money will be made. A way to achieve this could be for example by offering discounts for large groups.

6. Advertise online

Restaurants need advertising - this is one of the most important parts of restaurant management. Nowadays there are many cheap ways to promote your restaurant on social media. In order to reach a younger target group, it is fundamental to be visible and to really grow a hip online presence.

7. Watch your cash flow

Make sure to watch your cash flow closely.  Remember the maxim 'many a mickle makes a muckle' -  ever tried energy efficient light bulbs or low flow faucets? In the end, there has to be more cash coming in than going out no matter how you do it. You have a responsibility towards your employees so watch your money carefully.

"Celebrating success is really important to value the work of your team."

8. Rethink your menu

...on a regular basis. Because the prices for food change rapidly, so do the costs of running a business. It is also clever to watch 'food trends' and to keep up with the times. That gives you the possibility to trim down the menu, which actually saves a lot of money and waste.

Tip: Today many customers are really interested in knowing what exactly they eat. You could for example let them know the nutritional value of the foods on your menu.

9. Celebrate success together

Just celebrate whenever there is a reason to…but all joking aside, celebrating success is really important to value the work of your team. They have to know that you appreciate their efforts. It is on one hand good for the mood, on the other hand, it highlights what went well and therefore can be easily repeated.

10. Plan ahead

And that counts for everything. The food, the napkins, the staff - it should all be available when you are in need and that is only possible with excellent planning ahead and anticipating what could be short or making problems.

One way to plan your employee scheduling ahead would be by using an interactive online rota where your staff members have their own restricted access to. You can simply either create shifts and assign your employees to them. Or you let your employees apply for available shifts. If one employee can't cover a duty, he can easily find a replacement with the online tool. More opportunities like uploading files (for example a special menu for important events) are waiting for you. Start your 30-Days free trial now.

Now you know some more tools that will help you to improve your restaurant management. Did you like the tips? Let us know what you think or leave a comment.

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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