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14 Skills Every Team Leader Should Have

Carolin Henkelmann

Do you have them all? Leading a team is not easy at all. Therefore a leader has to show off a variety of characteristics and skills to make people follow him.

1. Charisma

It is something that can’t be taught, but it helps enormously when you have to lead a team. If people can identify with you, they are more willing to fulfil their tasks adequately.

2. Passion

Always ask yourself before starting a new job: Am I doing something that I care about strongly? Of course, passion depends on genetic predispositions, but it's also a lot about your relationship to your job and the company you are working for. Remember that as a leader your spirit can carry others with you and set a difference in the working atmosphere and results.

3. Innovational Thinking

Nearly nothing can stay the same and will always be successful that way. There is a lot of competition out there, so you have to be change willing and able to think innovational. That means to be ahead with ideas that can be transcribed into new products, services or processes.

4. Power of Persuasion

There always will be tasks that have to be done but that aren’t fun. Sometimes it is not enough to be motivating it’s necessary you can persuade someone.

5. Being Constructive

Criticism is always tricky but necessary. Being constructive means to point out the achievements but also the areas that need to be improved and to give concrete recommendations how it can be done better. Critique should always be provided in a calm and reflected way.

6. Being Encouraging/Motivating

The success of a company depends on its employees. Therefore it’s your job to keep them motivated. Let them know, that they can always ask you, Involve them in the bigger picture and appreciate their work! Good work needs to be valued and rewarded.

7. Questioning

Don’t accept everything how it is. As it was already indicated making progress is only possible with change. Especially when you are new to a company: Start questioning things! It does not have to be the same procedure as every year anymore. ;)

8. Being Influencing

You need to have a lot of people follow your vision. It sounds a little evil, but therefore a leader should be able to influence others. A task can only be solved when everyone pulls together.

9. Active Listening

No one can be a good leader without the ability to show real interest in the concerns of his employees or subordinates. Employees are often the ones who are the nearest to what actually happens in your business - so listen to them carefully. Besides if they feel misunderstood it will not support your office atmosphere.

"The ability to read other people’s minds gives you a huge advantage because you can not only understand them you can also influence their decisions. "

10. Assertiveness

That is one of the most important skills a leader in every industry should have. It brings rules to a workplace that are necessary to have everyone under control. It also enables a leader to push points through in an appropriate way.

11. Problem Solving

You can’t get stuck with a problem because there is no one else removing it - it’s your turn! Your brain should be able to find the most efficient way to solve the mess and most important to stay calm even in that stressful and exceptional situations.

12. Decision Making

Of course, you should consider everything carefully before you make a decision, but it is essential for a leader to make them self-confident without spending too much time. It's understood that a leader has to take responsibility for every decision he or she made afterwards.

13. Emotional Intelligence

Social skills can be the key to success. The ability to read other people’s minds gives you a huge advantage because you can not only understand them you can also influence their decisions.

14. Authority

Your employees should not only have sympathy for you they have to respect you as a leader. Therefore you have to radiate self-confidence. Your statements are valid and can’t be questioned. Of course, you should value the opinions of your employees, but some situations need the strong decision of a manager.

A few skills really can't be taught but others can be trained. And don't worry, there are a lot of different leadership styles with different skillsets, you just need to find your way of leading a team! What style do you prefer? Leave us a comment!

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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