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5 Reasons Online Shift Planning Makes Life Easier for Your Employees

Carolin Henkelmann

An online rota keeps more advantages for your staff members than you might think of. Here is why our rota online tool is not only useful for employers:

1. They don't have to come into the office to see their schedule

The printed shift plan on the wall has finally stopped being useful. Welcome to 2017: the staff has their own restricted online access to the STAFFOMATIC schedules. They can log in from their computers or smartphones to see their assignments and check for news. Time-saving for all. Additional benefit: employees can easily import the schedules in their ICal or Google calendar on their smartphones.

2. No one forgets vacation requests

It's simple: Employees can easily submit vacation requests within the tool. The demand is pending until the administrator grants or denies it. So it can't be forgotten. All employees know punctual if their vacation can happen. An overview of all staff members and their requested absences helps the manager to plan ahead to ensure every employee can really take their time off.

3. Employees are no longer double scheduled

It is just strenuous for your staff to come in for nothing because there already is someone else booked for the shift. Even worse are understaffed working days. With an online roster this just isn't possible. You can drag and drop names of staff members into the shifts in the schedule or better: let the employees themselves apply for available shifts.

"The printed shift plan on the wall has finally stopped being useful. Welcome to 2017"

4. It’s easy to swap shifts or take on fewer/more hours

Your employees can check their assignments and apply for free shifts directly from their smartphones. But they can also swap shifts with coworkers. Staff members are responsible for their shifts until someone else covers them. That way you will never be understaffed again, but your employees are flexible and will be pleased.

5. Give instant feedback to your employees

Real-time feedback improves the working performance. That's a fact. Employees know that. With an online rota you can directly inform staff members about changes, news and tasks. You can also select the audience for direct messages. So this tool is perfect for giving feedback and improving not only your performance but your work atmosphere.

An online rota like STAFFOMATIC makes life easier for both employees and employers. It isn’t just an investment for the management board - your employees will simply be happier. Shiftplanning no longer needs to be complicated, exhausting and time-consuming. STAFFOMATIC is efficient, performing and most important easy to use. Start your 30-days free trial now.

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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