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5 Tips How to Save Money in Restaurants

Carolin Henkelmann

Nearly as important as making money is losing less money in wrong investments. Here is our list of little savings for your restaurant that can be better spent instead:

1. Cut energy costs

Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves. You don't believe how much money you can save just buying energy efficient light bulbs and water-saving toilets. Also, many states offer tax credits or other supporting for switching to energy saving appliances. Besides, train your staff to turn off the lights and sort recycles. Not only your wallet but your costumers will also appreciate eco-friendly building materials and glass bottles.

2. Trim down your menu

Observe which dishes are selling and then take the others down. A small but nice menu reduces the spoilage and cuts the food costs. Also, consider using the same ingredients in several dishes. If you want to have more variety try menus of the day/week or special seasonal dishes.

3. Take advantage of social media

It is free to have an Instagram or Facebook account for your restaurant, but it is more than useful. People don't look restaurants up in the yellow pages anymore - they google. Also, humans love to see photos of a delicious served dish. Food-related pictures or videos are mostly the most viral posts on social networks. People will not only share those photos with their friends they will also visit the seen restaurants in real life.

"There is no better way to save money than to save the time of your employees"

4. Think about your dishes

Are they really profitable? Just do a calculating. What ingredients are included and how expensive is it altogether? Then compare the costs to the price you charge the customers. If there is no worth profit, it has to be changed. Try to replace some ingredients with cheaper ones without reducing the taste. If there is no chance of cutting the costs, just take it off the menu.

Tipp: It is your menu. Just highlight the most profitable dishes.

5. Use online tools

There is no better way to save money than to save the time of your employees because they are the most expensive part of your company. Therefore online tools are great. Our online rota saves hours of your managers and staff. Instead of planning shifts and communicating and changing the weekly schedule a thousand times everyone can just see and change their shifts online. Your employees will not only prefer the faster digital methods they benefit from the performing system because there are no faults anymore.

Yes, it can be that easy. You also want to try out our online tool and save money? Start your free 30-day trial now. Any other thoughts? Just leave a comment.

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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