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6 Tips for Easy Vacation Management

Carolin Henkelmann

Vacation is the key to a comfortable work environment. Employees who are not taking breaks from work tend to be stressed out and the quality of work suffers. Read our tips for better vacation management that everyone will be satisfied with:

1. The sooner the better

Be prepared for the most exhausting times of the year. Usually, these are summer and holiday seasons. Ask your employees to submit their vacation requests at least a month in advance. That gives you the opportunity to plan out a strategy and time to deal with difficulties that might occur.

2. Define your policies clearly

Be clear about the standards in your business. Every staff member should know the rules from day one. For example, you have to clarify how many vacation days every employee has. If one can't use all in one year, can they be carried over to the next? It is a lot of work to think about all circumstances, but it is worth it. Most important rule for yourself: make all facts known and insist on them. If there happens to be a time where absences are impossible, you should inform your employees as soon as possible - even during the hiring process so you're on the safe side!

3. Have Emergency Help Available

Hourly employees are the knights in shining armour. Make sure that there are always some reliable part-time workers available when you are in need. Students are often a great help in critical times, especially during holiday season when they are looking for jobs anyway: you offer them work experience on the one hand, and lower your costs for your employees holiday replacement on the other.

"Be prepared for the most exhausting times of the year. Usually, these are summer and holiday seasons."

4. Offer Bonuses

It is always a possibility to offer extra money during seasonal shortages. But not only money motivates your employees to use their vacation days in a different time of year. You can offer gifts, vouchers or extra holiday. Just talk to your employees about their wishes.

5. Hand over responsibility

If there is no other way, there are employment agencies which can help you out. You will have no stress with hiring good workers and no further obligations. The agencies just make them temporarily available to you. Of course this service is expensive, but it could prevent some of your staff members from a pending burn-out. ;)

6. Easy vacation management is online vacation management

An online tool can save you a lot of time and stress when managing employees vacations. It allows your employees to submit vacation requests on their own. All you have to do is to confirm or refuse them, based on the overview of your other employees availabilities for example. It also enables you to automate most of the vacation day accounting. It helps you to plan ahead, to ensure you'll have enough employees at all times and sometimes even pro-actively reminds your employees about unused vacation days. An online rota like STAFFOMATIC makes vacation management easy. Start your free 30-days trial now.

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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