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7 Ways to Improve Employees Productivity

Carolin Henkelmann

Motivation isn't only about the employees themselves. It's mostly about the employer who creates a comfortable working environment. Here are just some ways you can motivate your staff to be productive members of your team.

1. Small Rewards

Think about giving them incentives as a reward for an especially well-done task or piece of work. It's not all only about money or the monetary value but mostly motivating them to reach their goals. You will not believe how useful that investment in wellness vouchers or some bottles of champagne is.

2. Set goals and check them afterwards

Managers should have regular meetings with their employees in order to discuss working progress and project achievements. Moreover, it is essential to set deadlines according to these goals you want to reach, and not forget to plan a retrospective meeting afterwards to draw some conclusions and see what still can be improved. For instance, a goal could include finishing a project in a specific time or five percent increase in sales over a year. Also, it is useful to have weekly meetings where all employees have to show their working progress. Everyone will be able to present concrete achievements and on top get an impression of what other colleagues do.

3. Help them know what's next

There is NOTHING worse than not knowing what to do. You might actually think it would be up to your employee - who should be an expert in his field - to know what comes next. But we all know this feeling: sometimes it can be really hard to see the bigger picture by yourself and decide efficiently on what to do, regardless of your experience or level of expertise. And mostly it is all about self-confidence. Empower your employee by providing them with a specific training or encouraging them to exchange with other colleagues on this topic.

Furthermore make clear, that it's okay to make mistakes. Your employees can sometimes lose more time and ressource trying to prevent every small mistake than they'll get any advantage of it being completely failure-free.

"So just make clear, that it's ALWAYS allowed to ask. Even more important - always answer upcoming questions politely afterwards."

4. Freedom for brain breaks

It isn't possible to stay concentrated eight hours a day five days a week. Just give your staff the possibility to relax their brains sometimes. It is proven that small breaks and vacations raise the productivity. Ever thought about couches in the office or a sports room for a lunch break full of activity? It could increase the motivation and therefore productivity of your employees.

5. No more excuses for not handling duties

That sounds like a call for your employees, but actually, it isn't. YOU are the one, that have to make sure that they have no chance to find excuses. Their computers and internet connection should be well-functioning, your office should have a quiet atmosphere, and the amount of work should be realistic. Having better working conditions will help you both.

6. Answer questions politely

Often employees are insecure with asking questions because they don't want to interrupt your work and showing a lack of knowledge or understanding. There goes so much precious time when they are just considering if to ask or not to ask or how to solve an issue by themselves. So just make clear, that it's ALWAYS allowed to ask. Even more important - always answer upcoming questions politely afterwards.

7. Give them a voice with an online scheduling tool

Every employee is productive at different times. With an online shift planning tool, employees can take part in the planning process, feel engaged and just choose when to work. Also, everyone is always up-to-date, and there are no problems that interrupt the working process. Do you want to learn more about us? Get to know our Online Shiftplanning Tool.

How do you motivate your employees? There are so many ways to do that. Feel free to leave any comments beneath the article.

Carolin from the STAFFOMATIC Team

Carolin from STAFFOMATIC

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