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Staff rostering in a few minutes

STAFFOMATIC is our web roster for simple shift planning and employee scheduling. Just easily build your weekly schedule and organize your employees via drag and drop. If allowed, employees can even apply themselves for shifts they would like to fill.

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Staffomatic is more than a roster

The solution also works for managing any absences like holidays. Within the web roster, your staff can submit requests for time off. As the administrator, it is up to you to accept or reject the applications. An overview of your employees and their requested absences helps you to ensure you'll never be understaffed.

Always up-to-date with the roster app for employees

Your staff can check their rosters directly from their mobiles but also apply for and swap shifts with their workmates. It makes rostering not only easy and time-saving but possible everywhere.

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Export all rosters and reports

Our web roster makes it possible to report specific hours of employees, departments or locations. Besides, all data can be exported as Excel or CSV files to make the payroll easy and to print out your roster.

Available on every device

Shiftplanning on every device

Contact us!

Any questions? Then drop us an email, contact us via our online chat on the website or give us a call:

+49 40 87407229 (9AM-5PM CET)

Contact us!

Any questions? Then drop us an email, contact us via our online chat on the website or give us a call:

+49 40 87407229 (9AM-5PM CET)

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Our Online Roster - Experience Simplicity

If shift planning works out your business is ready for all other operational processes. But it is always complicated to generate staff rosters, too many people and tasks to harmonize. We wanted to make that procedure easier and developed a system, that operates easy and efficient - STAFFOMATIC.

That is why you should use our time-saving staff roster

It is time-consuming to talk to all of your employees to coordinate your roster. With STAFFOMATIC that has been surpassed. Every staff member has its own restricted access to the system and insight into the roster you released online. Even more time-saving: if allowed your employees can apply themselves for shifts they would like to attend. It makes sure that everyone is available at the listed times. That way, employees are an active part of your rostering process and an immense expenditure of time can be saved.

Swap it like it's hot

To make your employees totally happy there is our feature to swap shifts. When they can't cover a shift they can easily find a replacement within the roster. But of course: they are responsible for their shifts until someone else covers them. It guarantees that you will never be understaffed.

Your individual roster planner with customized functions

You don't have to do everything on your own. Just make use of our existing templates or fall back to the rosters you already created. STAFFOMATIC also saves data like the name or the working area of your employee. It is also possible to upload documents and make them visible to specific employees.
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