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Shift planning in a few minutes

STAFFOMATIC is our cloud-based online tool for your shift planning. You can just arrange your shifts as you like and then assign your employees via drag and drop. Even easier, your employees can apply themselves to the shifts they would like to work.

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Shift planning including vacation management

You can also use STAFFOMATIC for managing holiday applications or any employee absences. Within the tool, staff members can easily submit vacation requests. As the administrator, you can grant or deny the applications. An overview of your employees and their requested absences helps you to ensure you'll have enough staff members at all times.

An app for your shifts

Your staff members can check their work shift calendar directly from their smartphones. What's more, they can also apply for and swap shifts with coworkers. It makes shift planning not only easy, fast and efficient but possible everywhere.

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Easily export your shifts and reports

Our online shift calendar gives you the opportunity to display specific shifts for example of one location. Also, all data can be exported as Excel or CSV files to make the payroll easy and to print out your rota.

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Shiftplanning on every device

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The Work Shift Calendar for Easy Employee Management

Shiftplanning is no grocery but connected to an immense organizational effort and mostly endless emails and phone calls. There are always many different people involved, which just makes it complicated and time-consuming. Our aim was to create a tool which is reachable from everywhere, easy to understand and clearly arranged.

Easy organization of your work shift calendar with STAFFOMATIC

Our solution is a cloud-based online shift planning. Employees have their own restricted accesses to the work shift calender which was made by you just via drag and drop. That way everyone is always up-to-date and changes can be realized with a view clicks.

The tool provides different locations and departments that divide your planning into several shift calendars. That way your shifts are just more clearly shown because nothing overflows. It makes sense to use different locations when you are owning restaurants at various places for example. Departments are used for different areas of the business itself. For instance, your shift calendar could be sorted in kitchen, restaurant, and bar.

Communicate the shifts easily

Just publish your finished weekly shift plan and all your employees will be notified via email. Besides we provide an employee mobile app which makes it possible to see all shifts at a glance everywhere. If allowed employees can also swap shifts among them. To be daily reminded the work shift calendar can be easily imported to the iCal or Google Calendar.

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