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Shift planning with Staffomatic by EASYPEP is particularly simple and intuitive. You can complete your shift plan in just a few minutes. Design and make the shift schedules accessible to your employees. Without paper & pen or Excel tables.

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On all devices

Your shift planner WebApp, optimized for desktop, tablet & smartphones.

Drag and Drop

Create your shifts in just a few clicks. Individual and fast.

Without Excel. Without installation

Always available from anywhere Via any Internet browser.

So you always know who is currently available

The smart shift planner

When you create a shift, you can see immediately who is still available and automatically get hints to avoid double work or overtime.

Help with planning

Through automation and notifications you gain time in your planning.

Shift plan templates by copy & paste

Use templates and save valuable time when creating future weekly plans.

Absence Planner

See directly who is present or on vacation with the optional vacation planner.

Your employees become part of the planning

Increase employee satisfaction through collaborative shift planning

You decide whether your employees can apply for certain shifts themselves, whether they are allowed to swap shifts among themselves and thus leave part of the planning to them. This way you save even more time and increase the satisfaction of your employees.

Application to shifts

You can decide whether employees can apply for shifts themselves.

Shift swap

An employee is prevented from working? He can simply swap his shift with a colleague with just a click.

Determine availability yourself

Your employees can enter desired working hours. In the end you decide.

You always keep an overview

With smart dashboards and rights and roles systems

Admin, manager or employee? Assign roles and rights and decide which of your employees may post or view what. With your dashboards you always have an overview of all locations and employees.


You and your employees are immediately informed by email about all changes in the shift plan.

Evaluations & Reports

Create evaluations of shift schedules and working hours in just a few clicks.


Download records as CSV or Excel, for billing or other software interfaces.

Deine Schichtplan App

And even more for your online shift planning

Everything you need in one place. 
Included or optional in our Staffomatic plans.

Easy vacation planning

Manage the vacation days of your employees automatically and simplify your planning.

Time recording at the push of a button

Track the exact working hours of your employees and simplify the payroll process.

Create your shift plan in 5 minutes.
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Staffomatic by Easypep

Shift schedule online and easy 

Personnel planning is not necessarily rocket science, but it usually takes some time to groove in. Whether with Excel, paper and pencil or with the help of software - in the end you end up juggling the same problems. We've summarized the most important basics - so every shift planning becomes very easy.

Define departments
Most companies are divided into different work areas with corresponding tasks and departments. This way you create a basic structure right from the start and see which areas need to be covered.

 Either the employees automatically assign themselves to the different work areas in the shift planning based on their qualifications or you manage this as a manager. In this way, you quickly have all areas in view and know which tasks or work areas need to be covered.

Keeping the overview
With Staffomatic by EASYPEP you can see exactly which work areas there are in the company, you can assign personnel to them, define the number of employees and store additional information. Even double assignments are immediately displayed to the manager in the shift planning process.

Track working hours over shifts

Different times for the start and end of work and also the different duration of the working day must be created in the shift planner. Shift times are divided into shifts. So everybody knows who comes when and if the number of hours at the end of the month is correct.

In the course of time, you learn how to create additional shifts, link them to employees and work areas, or adapt them. With our online software you can easily try out which combination of shifts and work areas works best. Every shift you create can be changed, deleted and copied.

Kommunikation des Schichtplans

Creating the shift plan is one thing, communicating it is another. For a long time, shift schedules were posted on the notice board or sent by e-mail. You either had to go the extra mile just to find out the current shift schedule or you had to check your mails regularly. That is over now. Since Staffomatic by EASYPEP is cloud-based, anyone can access their shift plan from anywhere with an Internet-enabled device, is notified of changes immediately and does not experience any unnecessary surprises when they start work.

This means that employees can always access the current duty roster, check vacation schedules and react immediately to absences due to illness using a computer at home or a smartphone or tablet while on the road. Employees can apply for free shifts or apply for the shift in case of sick leave.

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