Your online time tracking

Completely without paper and Excel 

No more need for old time clocks, tedious calculations with pen and paper or time recording with the Excel template to record the hours of your employees? Try our time recording online.

Without Excel, pen and paper

Available via any Internet browser always & from anywhere.

With extra online punch clock app

Your employees record their working hours with a simple click or fingertip.

Preparatory help for payroll accounting

Through evaluations and simple exports in CSV and Excel format.

Our time stamp clock App

For a digitalized time recording

Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone, simply open the terminal with your own access data and allow your employees to digitally log in at the beginning of a shift - and log out again at the end of the shift. The time simply runs along. The advantage: Only the time that was worked is recorded.

Simply stamp by PIN code

Your employees record their working hours simply by clicking.

Predefined pauses

Even for coffee or smoking breaks you can easily sign in and out.

On all devices

Stamp clock and digital time sheets available for you from anywhere.

Smart dashboards and analyses

Overtime and working hours always at a glance

With the Time Tracking App from Staffomatic by EASYPEP you can quickly find all important information about the person and the hours worked. This keeps everything simple and clear.

Target and actual hours in view

You put on shifts? Link them to the recorded times and receive the current target and actual status.

Direct live access

You can see the recorded times of your employees live, adjust and control them yourself.

Automated evaluations

Simply determine yourself on which day and according to which settings the reports are created.

Export of recorded working times

Your preparatory help for payroll accounting

Do you need a file in Excel format for the accounting? No problem with Staffomatic by EASYPEP! All evaluations can easily be exported as Excel or CSV files. Now you have the data ready for printing or to do the payroll accounting in Excel. Nevertheless, you are spared the complicated and confusing time recording with Excel formulas.


Select employee, set filter, finished. Your digital timesheets in a few clicks.


Download records as CSV or Excel for billing or other software interfaces

For print

Some employees do not have access to the Internet?
Download the data and print them out in a very convenient way.

Your Timetracking App

Even more for your online time recording

Everything you need in one app.
Extend your personnel planning and drive digitisation effortlessly.

Shift planning

Manage the vacation days of your employees automatically and simplify your planning.

Holiday planning

Track the exact working hours of your employees and simplify the payroll.

Your digital time recording from 1,80€ per month.

Test our time recording app comfortably for 10 days for free.

RGPD Compliant

The servers are available at our RGPD compliant partner in Germany

Free updates

The WebApp is regularly updated automatically. No further installation necessary.

Free support

We are always at your side with our integrated chat support.

Test Staffomatic by EASYPEP now free of charge & without obligation!

No payment details required. No automatic renewal. Support during setup.

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