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New: STAFFOMATIC Time Tracking App.

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Time tracking at your fingertips

Just open the terminal on a desktop or tablet and your employees can log in at the beginning of their shift. With just a 5 digit PIN they can generate in their profile. Same procedure when the shift ends: they just habe to give the PIN in, and stop their time tracking for the day/shift

Schichtplaner und Personalplaner erstellen

Keep the track

As a manager or admin, you'll get a report of every tracked time, so you can easily identify overtimes. Plus: you can also export the data if you want.

Break tracking

You can also track your employees breaks with the new STAFFOMATIC time tracking. Any employee with a PIN Code can use it in and sign in and out at the beginning and the end of a coffee break for example. The system adds all break times together for you in an report overview for each employee.

Schichtplaner und Personalplaner erstellen

STAFFOMATIC Time tracking extension from 1€ per user

  • 1€/employee per month for STAFFOMATIC users
  • Book it simply as an extension within the tool
  • Set up support

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And many other options!

Rota shiftplanning

STAFFOMATIC allows you to manage and allocate shift for your staff and employees in a very easy-to-use week schedule overview. An even better: if you activate the setting, your employees can apply themselves to the shifts they would like to attend!

Schichtplaner und schichtplaner erstellen
urlaubsplaber bei easypep

Online Shiftplanning, leave planner included

Keep the leaves and vacations of your employee on track and allow them to apply for vacation periods directy in our app. You keep the control, can accept or decline and it helps you managing your staff and being sure you always have at least one employee running the business!

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The Online Time tracking for your Business 

It could not be easier to track the time your employees really worked. Experience how simple the administration of working hours can be using STAFFOMATIC instead of excel time sheets. 

Be safe with online time tracking

We all still remember the times we had to write down our working hours on lists laying around in the restaurant probably never seen again. But that wasn't the worst part. Managers had to transmit the information and to calculate the hours painstaking. It does not have to be like this anymore - we proudly present our new online time tracking. It just makes weekly time scheduling so much easier because everything just goes automatically and it saves you a lot of time for more important issues.  

Overtime hours and working time at a glance

You just have to type in the name or sort by the picture to find your employee. Immediately every important information appears. That online time tracking gives you the possibility to find staff that is still available in the selected week or month and to relieve personnel with too many working hours. It also helps to keep the factory acts that are pre scripted by law. 

Export of all hours

Nevertheless, you need an Excel sheet for your bills? No problem for our STAFFOMATIC tool. In order to make it easier for you, all data can be exported as Excel or CSV files. Of course, that also enables to print the timesheet immediately.