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STAFFOMATIC provides a super-intuitive and an exceptionally user-friendly shiftplanning interface and platform.We at STAFFOMATIC make the task of shiftplanning fun. Create schedules on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (shift worker app) in a heartbeat.

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Your online rota, staff holiday planner included

Employees can easily submit vacation requests. As administrator, you can grant or deny a vacation request. An overview of all staff members and their requested absences helps you to plan ahead to ensure you'll have enough employees at all times.

An extra app for your employees

Your employees can check and apply for their shifts directly from their smartphone. But also swype shifts with coworkers. From everywhere.

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shift plan reports of your employees

Detailed reports and export function

You have the option to display employee, departments or location-specific hours. All you need to do is set a time frame.In order to make payroll easier, all data can be exported as Excel or csv files. You can immediately print the time-sheet.

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