Here you go, check out our STAFFOMATIC features.

Create your Account in a few Minutes

Create your STAFFomatic account in just 2 minutes. Sign up, add your name and location, create your departments and you will be ready to create your first schedule.

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Plan your Shifts

Simply create shifts for your weekly schedule.

Schedule Employees

Drag & drop names of staff members into the schedule, or publish the weekly schedule and let your employees apply for the available shifts.

Send. Done.

When your schedule is complete, simply click on "send edits" to inform your employees about the newly published schedule.

Employee- Access

Your staff has their own restricted access to your STAFFomatic schedules. You control in your settings what employees can and can't see.


Do your employees use smartphones? We’ve got your covered! Like using a computer, your employees can apply for and manage their shifts directly using their smartphones.

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Publish your weekly Schedule

Want to involve staff members in making a schedule? Simply create the shifts that need to be covered and then publish the schedule.

Applying for Shifts

Employees can apply for available shifts in their specific departments.

Assign Staff Members

If you have several staff members applying for the same shifts, you can assign the shifts to the employees you want. To help you decide, you can also see how many hours each of your employees have already worked.

Completed Schedule

Are all shifts 100% covered? Simply inform your staff about the completed schedule.

Shift Application Benefits

Staff members will love this feature: they can take part in the planning process, and feel engaged. Shifts fill up quickly, and you will have no more hassles determining employee availability.

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Swap and Replacement

With STAFFomatic, employees can easily find a replacement employee for a shift they need covered, if allowed.

Never Again Understaffed

Staff members are responsible for their shifts until someone else covers them. That way you will never be understaffed.


If employees cover a shift, they can assign themselves to that shift with one click.

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Determining Absences

Absences can include vacation, training, etc. With STAFFomatic, you create your own absence categories.

Vacation Requests

Employess can easily submit vacation requests. As administrator, you can grant or deny a vacation request.

Absences Overview

An overview of all staff members and their requested absences helps you to plan ahead to ensure you'll have enough employees at all times.

Calculating Vacation Hours

Decide whether you want to deduct vacation hours

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Custom Reports

You have the option to display employee, departments or location-specific hours. All you need to do is set a time frame.


If an employee works longer than the scheduled time, or begins the shift later, you can easily correct the times and can also add a break-time period if needed.


In order to make payroll easier, all data can be exported as Excel or csv files. You can immediately print the time-sheet.

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Employee data can easily be saved with STAFFomatic. That way everyting is in one place.

Define your own Sections.

Which employee data you want to include is up to you. This feature allows you to define different sections.

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Compose Messages

Inform staff members about changes, news and tasks. You can select the audience for messages, that way employees only receive information that's relevant to them.

Upload Files

Important files, such as current menus, can be uploaded so all employees can access them anytime, anywhere.

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Saving Schedules as Templates

Do you have similar shifts each week? Simply create a schedule template and use the template for future schedules. This speeds up shiftplanning.

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Manage Multiple Locations

With STAFFomatic you have the option to manage multiple locations from one single account.

Fexible Employee Scheduling

If you own a bar, e.g. one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, you can simply schedule your employees in one or both locations.

Schedule Approval

To make sure that a staff member doesn't work multipe shifts at the same time, the schedule will be reviewed every time and double-occupancy will be highlighted.

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For Scheduling Planners

Create schedules on the go. The most important functions can be performed on your tablet or smartphone.

For Employees

Our smartphone-compatible version of STAFFomatic allows staff members to use all functions on the go, too.

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iCal and Google Calendar

Employees can subscribe to their schedules directly with the calendar function on their smartphones. Forgetting a shift will be so last year ;)