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Our Story

What has moved us and what we have moved forward.

It is the Berlin Cathedral on the river Spree to see on a sunny summer day. There are several boats on the river Spree.


Berlin, Berlin

Kalle works part-time in a bar in Berlin and is actually quite happy with his job - only the scheduling annoys him.
This is done with notes, pencils and many, many (really very many) phone calls, which costs everyone involved a lot of time and nerves
And as it happens when hip big city meets young, ambitious heads, great things are created (sooner or later). So he teaches himself programming and develops a system that makes short, simple processes possible and simplifies the planning of personnel for "his bar" - the forerunner of Easypep. (a real, yes, you could say, milestone for digital personnel management. ).


The decisive meeting

In our kitschy start-up love story, all we need now is a real expert in sales and marketing and he turns up just one year later in the form of Basti. Basti, with a few ideas in his luggage, is looking for a co-founder and developer and, as chance would have it, he meets Kalle by fate. The not quite so sweet, but incredibly useful product of this encounter is Easypep, which sees the light of day only a short time later and finds its home in Hamburg

Staffomatic employees Kalle, Tim and Sebastian can be seen, who are employed in Marketing, Sales and Development.
You can see the founders Sebastian and Kalle presenting the easyPEP logo on their laptop.

Early 2012

The official meeting

Unfortunately, air, love and good shift plans alone do not feed employees (as the two had to find out) and so our story learns the next fateful coincidence by a real business angel. Tim. Together with Kalle and Basti, he forms the magical trio of Easypep from now on and raises the still young company to a new level.

Late 2012

Easypep 2.0

the second version of Easypep sees the light of the world - with better functionality, new design and many possibilities we start with this version.

On a laptop you can see a timesheet with the easyPep logo. The laptop is placed on a charming workplace with a plant and coffee on the table.
In a map it is shown that Easypep, through translation into English and French, comes to France, America and Australia as Staffomatic.


Staffomatic goes worldwide

As Staffomatic our solution Easypep is launched in English and French. Our first international customers are at the start


The big move

Easypep finds its home base on the Sternschanze in Hamburg - we have come to stay

A building in Hamburg in the district
A smartphone with the Easypep scheduling app.


We go mobile!

Our app is available in the stores and now allows all users to view their planning while on the road


Once upon a time tracker

The time tracker is released. From now on the digital time clock can be used on all devices to record and evaluate working time

The Easypep scheduling as an app on the laptop, tablet and smartphone.
Easypep is now Staffomatic and personnel planning is now available on all devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Brand new

We feel like newborn! Easypep becomes Staffomatic and we have a new version right with us. With fresh design and cool improvements.

Our Mission

Time saving digitilization

Get rid of pointless phone calls and exhausting whatsapp-groups. Our cloud-based personnel management tool makes your life easier through smart automation and takes you further into the future.

Team satisfaction

Involve your employees in the planning processes through intuitive functions and give them a voice on a new level. This ensures more satisfaction and a better mood. Promised!

Excellent customer support

It is especially important to us that we not only give our customers a tool that makes many areas of their daily work easier, but also provide them with advice and support. We do not have a system that classifies our customers by size.

The Staffomatic Team

Kalle Saas
CTO & co-founder
Sebastian Heindorff
CEO & Co-founder
Guillaume Baligand
Head of Growth Marketing
Alina Mücke
Head of Content
Claas Babendererde
Head of Customer Success
Pawel Jarmuszewski
Head of Sales

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