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The STAFFOMATIC short-story

Like many in the hospitality and service sector, Kalle in 2010 worked as a waiter, in a bar in Berlin. Some major events were hosted at that bar and Kalle quickly realized how chaotic, cumbersome and time-consuming schedule-making had become. The bar management used obsolete spreadsheets and emails to manage and coordinate employee shifts, an archaic way of doing things even by today’s standards. Kalle became ‘meditative’ over the problem, causing him on one occasion to inadvertently spill beer on a hapless customer!
After a particularly long and tiring day at his work, Kalle had a vision, an idea that would later become the impetus behind the founding of STAFFOMATIC. True to form, Kalle then set about to put his idea into motion: to create a software solution to the problem.
After receiving positive feedback during presentations of early beta versions of STAFFOMATIC, Kalle went on to further improve the software. By 2011, STAFFOMATIC grew specifically to address the process of shift-scheduling in the service and hospitality sector.
Focused on technology and developing solutions, Kalle needed a hand in sales and marketing. By the spring of 2011, Kalle found Sebastian. The two-man team quickly expanded their network of test clients and continued to make refinements to the software. Shortly before STAFFOMATIC’s commercial launch in 2012, capital and strategic support were needed to speed things up. This is when Tim arrived and since then, we’ve never looked back.