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Your smart online schedule manager

Your employees become part of the solution

Create slots and let your colleagues participate in the planning. This saves a lot of time in the process of coordinating who works where and when. With the employee profile, everyone can enter their availability or apply for slots. Thanks to our role system and intelligent automation, you can quickly and easily create the perfect weekly schedule and everyone is satisfied.

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You always know who is available and when. Even in all the different workplaces.

With application system and slot exchange for your employees and users.

Smart notifications to keep everyone on the team up to date.

Your digital management of vacations and absences

No sheet of paper or Excel

Imagine: Your employees and colleagues submit their vacation requests easily via a smartphone. Without paper or pencil and without any bureaucracy, you can see the remaining vacation and all absences at a glance. Even sick leave notifications can be easily managed online. One click is all it takes to approve an absence and your schedule and slots are automatically adjusted.

More info on the Absence Manager →

The elimination of paperwork with digitized leave requests.

In case of absence, the schedule will be automatically adapted.

Everyone always has a transparent overview of the remaining vacation days.

Your online time clock

Digitize the management of hours worked and save (working) time

No additional and expensive devices are required. Simply place the clock on the tablet, smartphone or PC. Simply start time registration with a PIN code, registration breaks. That's all you have to do. The exact working hours and overtime are never lost.

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Simply enter a code to enter and exit. Including predefined breaks.

Digital tracker via iOS & Android App usable everywhere.

Preparatory assistance for export payroll accounting.

And even more for your personnel planning

Quick Reports

Create reports in just a few clicks and keep track of vacation and overtime.


Whether you want to print or archive, you can download your personal data in PDF, CSV or Excel format at any time.


Our message function and chat system simplifies GDPR-compliant communication during planning.

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Staffomatic by easypep

"With digitized processes, we want to promote transparency and appreciation and thus help you to achieve happy and loyal employees and colleagues.
As a pioneer in human resource management, we have enabled thousands of users to manage their teams more efficiently and sustainably with Staffomatic since 2008.
Whatever the industry and whatever the size of the team.
We believe that intelligent workforce management allows you to focus on the important things that your business needs and that team motivation and satisfaction contribute significantly to this".

Kalle & Sebastian, Founders of Staffomatic by EASYPEP

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We help you advance the digitilization of personnel management. With secure cloud computing technology and intelligent automation, you save time, money and nerves, and become significantly more efficient.

We are convinced that employee involvement in personnel management processes leads to greater satisfaction and productivity within the team. Through transparency and intuitive operation, we want to make every workplace a better place, simplify cumbersome processes and make employees happier. 

Personal contact is very important to us: in order to help you in the best possible way, our customer team is always at your disposal to give you advice and tips. We are convinced that customer feedback is extremely important and we are always ready to receive your suggestions and questions ;)

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Staffomatic by Easypep

Why Online Shift Planning with Staffomatic works Better Than an Excel Rota

Most of us worked in bars, restaurants, and hotels during study times so we understand what shift planning means. It is complex, connected to endless agreements, changes and phone calls. And it is always localized. Staff members have to come in just to check the new work rota. It is, even more, an effort for the employer. 

By using our simple online rota, instead of Excel templates to schedule employees, retail owners are allowed to spend more time actually growing their business instead of planning it.

That's why you need our staff rota - work scheduling was never that easy before

To create a shift rota in Excel is complicated. Our vision was to create a tool that is understandable and easy to use in all industries, an instrument that works with instead of against you. Our solution: a cloud-based online rota with Staffomatic. Everyone has access to the employee schedules from everywhere. Shifts can be assigned or staff members apply for them. Weekly Rota updates will be sent to your staff members - excel rotas are no longer needed.

Our tool is interactive. You can directly inform staff members about changes, news, and tasks. There is a special occasion in your business? Just send an informing pdf-document in the Staffomatic web-app Messenger to particular staff members. Your employees can also easily check and apply for shifts from their smartphones. In addition, we are offering our employee rota app, nothing more simple! One of our most popular features - employees can swap shifts with coworkers. They are responsible for their shift until someone else covers it. That way your outlay with otherwise effortful absences is minimized.

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 Staffomatic by easypep