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Creating a weekly schedule - what is important?

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How do you create rosters today? Digital. 
But what does it depend on?
Weekly scheduling is the linchpin of many teams' day-to-day work. If you've been using paper or Excel for your staff scheduling, it's time to take the next step. What should you pay attention to? What are the most important selection criteria?


Max Fabian Uth

Chief Product Officer, Staffomatic

Screenshot des PC Dashboards eines wöchentlichen Dienstplanes. Er ist übersichtlich farblich unterteilt, sodass die unterschiedlichen Projekte und Abteilungen auseinender gehalten werden können.
Number 1

Online app instead of Excel or paper

Printed schedules cannot keep up with the times. Up-to-the-minute changes, a mobile workforce and changing communication behaviours cannot be accommodated. The use of a mobile app is recommended. It should be compatible with all devices (smartphones, desktops, tablets) and involve your employees in planning, time recording, review and coordination. Apps need to be intuitive to use so that they are suitable for everyday use in the different sectors; data entry or time recording should be possible by dragging and dropping, with as little text input as possible.

Number 2

The most effective teams count on collaboration

At a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers, it has proved useful to involve employees early on in planning processes, rostering, time recording and monitoring. This is why it is a must for any application: employees can apply for duties or shifts, enter absences early or even swap shifts with colleagues. As an HR manager, you need to be able to set roles and rights so granularly that you can always control what your team can and can't do, and what requires your approval.

In dem Online Urlaubsplaner sind übersichtlich die Urlaubstage, Krankheitstage und der Überstudnen-Abbau der jeweiligen Mitarbeiter in einer Monatsübersicht ersichtlich.
In dem Dienstplan kann der Arbeitsgeber in dieser Übersicht die exakte Stundenanzahl der Mitarbeiterin für Arbeitseinsätze, Feiertage, Abwesenheiten, Zuschläge und Überstunden sehen.
Number 3

Make sure you are legally protected

The lawmakers have laid down detailed guidelines for handling personal data. First of all, make sure you are fully compliant with the GDPR: where is the application hosted, where is your and your team's data secured? Is the data exchanged between you and your team via the application at least SSL encrypted? In some sectors, such as healthcare, there are specific reporting requirements, so ideally you should be able to report rosters in combination with actual recorded working hours to prove that the required staffing levels were actually in place.

Number 4

Work schedule + absence management + time recording

While an isolated rostering tool increases your flexibility, the greatest efficiencies come from a combination of scheduling, absence management and remote time recording. Scheduling tools are most useful when they have access to already booked absences or absences that occur at short notice, such as holidays or illnesses, and can thus update schedules in real time. Approvals for holidays etc. should be handled without a form these days, also via app. Instead of timesheets or time clocks, the goal must be to enable employees to enter their working hours and breaks, mobile, from anywhere, on a device of their choice and to link this actual data with the target times of the duty scheduler.

In dem Dienstplan sieht man übersichtlich wann der jeweilige Mitarbeiter bereits in einem anderen Dienstbereich eingeteilt ist und wann er verfügbar ist.
In dem Online Dienstplan lassen sich verschiedene Arbeitsbereiche anlegen z. B. für Buchhaltung, Office, Lager etc. und durch unterschiedliche Farben übersichtlich kennzeichnen.
Number 5

Intuitive to use and quick to implement

Solutions that require a multi-day rollout and extensive user training are outdated. Today's applications are intuitive to use and can be implemented with short tutorials or introductory videos. As a rule of thumb, good apps can be fully configured for production use in a 5-day test phase. You should be able to add your employees to your account with simple upload or invitation mechanisms. It should be possible to configure templates to suit your own requirements in terms of locations, workspaces, roles or permissions.

Nine good reasons for you to test our shift planning!

Robot icon
Intelligent planning assistance
Automation and notifications save you time in your planning.
Template icon
Use templates and save valuable time when creating future weekly plans.
Calendar icon
Absence manager
See who is present or on holiday at a glance with the optional vacation planner.
Chat icon
Shift applications
You can decide whether employees can apply for shifts themselves..
Swap icon
Swap shifts among each other
One of your employees is unable to work? Shifts can be swapped with colleagues simply by clicking on them.
Push notification icon
Push notifications
You and your employees will be informed immediately by email about any changes in the shift schedule.
Dashboard icon
Accurate reports
Create reports of shift schedules and working hours in just a few clicks.
Export icon
Can be exported
Download records as CSV or Excel for billing or other software interfaces.
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Usable on all devices
Your shift planner web app, optimised for desktop, tablet & smartphones.

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